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Shenyang Shopping

Post:2012-2-19 22:39:33 From:[ SCHOOL OF INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE NEU ]

Shenyang Shopping

Shenyang has many shopping areas that provide people necessities, luxuries and entertainments. One of the shopping districts is Middle Street which is like the Fifth Avenue in New York City. Middle Street features many western-style stores and restaurants, including Wal-mart, Pizza Hut (which is a fancy restaurant in Shenyang), Louis Vuitton flagship store, Häagen-Dazs retail store, etc. The largest shopping mall in Shenyang is also located on Middle Street, selling products from all around the world.

Taiyuan Street(Chinese: 太原街)is another shopping area which is similar to Middle Street. Taiyuan Street also features many restaurants and theaters for people to enjoy. Many spend their holidays shopping on these two streets.

There is also a very large underground shopping center, offering lots of items, especially fashion jewelries, accessories and clothing.

Another area, Wu"ai Market, (simplified Chinese: 五爱市场; traditional Chinese: 五愛市場), features a large multi-story shopping center with a size comparable to that of many city blocks. It contains hundreds, if not thousands, of mini or boutique stores that open very early in the morning and close in the early afternoon. It is famous for wholesaling cheap clothes and household items.

The information technology center is in Sanhao street (Chinese: 三好街), in the southern part of the city.

West Tower Street is another very famous business center in Shenyang. Almost all the people living here are Korean. With its distinctive flavor and booming nightlife, West Tower Street has become a real "Sleepless City". Thousands of visitors come here everyday to enjoy its unique ambience, especially during Korea Week.

Shenyang Shopping