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Shenyang Tourist Attractions

Post:2012-2-20 0:18:06 From:[ SCHOOL OF INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE NEU ]

Shenyang Tourist Attractions 

  • Shenyang Imperial Palace: the former imperial palace of the early Qing Dynasty. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • Dongling: the tomb of the first Qing emperor, Nurhaci. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • Beiling Park and Zhaoling: the tomb of the second Qing emperor, Huang Taiji. The park covers an area of 3,300,000 sq. meters, and is serviced by trams for visitors who do not wish to (or cannot) traverse the length of the park. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • World Horticulture Exposition garden: hosted the International Horticultural Exposition in 2006.

  • Qipan Mountain, Qipanshan: a recreation resort in the east of Shenyang.
  • Liaoning Provincial Museum: It displays a variety of artifacts that include some of the earliest forms of writing known to man.

    The permanent collections include archaeological exhibits related to the Hongshan and Xinle cultures in the Dawn of Chinese Culture Gallery , bronze tools and weapons in the Northern Shang and Zhou Period Gallery, inscribed stone tablets in the Bei Shan Tang Tablet Gallery, ancient money in the Ancient Chinese Currency and Coins Gallery, historic porcelain and art in the Art Work Exhibition of Ming and Qing Dynasty Gallery, and tomb relics in the Chinese Post Unification Period Gallery.

  • Shenyang Botanical Garden, a peaceful garden giving priority to botanical research. The garden is located at Dongling District of Shenyang, and covers an area of 211 ha. There are altogether over 1700 kinds of plants, especially from the northeast (Manchuria) region. There are also several large-scale flower exhibitions every year: tulips in May; peonies and irises in June, lilies in July, dahlias in August, and chrysanthemums in September.
  • Shenyang Meteorite Mountain Park, located in the southeast of Shenyang in Dongling district. The biggest meteorite lies on the Huashitai Mountain of Lixiang County of Dongling District, and it is 160 m long, 54 m wide, 42 high and about 2 million tons in weight. It is the oldest meteorite in the world which was formed 4.5 billion years ago and fallen into the Earth 1.9 billion years ago.
  • Xiaonan Cathedral of Shenyang: the construction of the cathedral started in 1875 and finished in 1878.


Shenyang Tourist Attractions
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