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The Theme Activity of “Feeling China—The Power of Industry” Bring to a Successful Close.

Post:2016-6-7 15:32:57 From:[ SCHOOL OF INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE NEU ]


In June 3 2016, The theme activity of “Feeling China—The Power of industry” has been held by NEU in Shenyang. Overseas students who won Chinese government scholarship involved in this theme activity.       
This activity was sponsored by NEU. 87 overseas students from 26 countries have taken a part in this activity. They come from different universities such as NEU, Shenyang University of Technology, Shenyang Ligong University, Liaoning University of Technology, University of Science and Technology Liaoning and Liaoning technical University.    
We selected three advanced manufacturing enterprises: BMW-Brilliance, Shenyang Yuanda Enterprice Group and SIASUN


      At First, we come to the SIASUN. Students realized the flourish of Chinese AI manufacturing industry through visiting workshop and the explaining by the commentator.



        Then, we came to the BMW-Brilliance. Students visited main office building, press room and body workshop. Students were shocked by seeing a car’s born in two minutes.

      Our last stop is Shenyang Yuanda Enterprice Group . Through the visiting, students learned the development, innovation and talent demand of Chinese companies.








After this activity, All the students have a discussion of this day. They express their excited feelings of this activity. They hope to be involved in this kind of activities again. At the same time, this activity Improves overseas students to learn China and to love China, promotes the communication of overseas students from different university.


The theme activity of “Feeling China—The Power of industry” bring to a successful close.