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CSC Scholarship Application Guide for Master, Northeastern University 2018

Post:2018-1-18 21:38:25 From:[ SCHOOL OF INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE NEU ]

 The procedure for MASTER application is as follows: 

1. Northeastern University Master Major List 2018 
All the NEU master majors opened for CSC scholarship are listed at the following linke. If the instruction language is “Chinese”, the major can be taught in Chinese only; if the instruction language is “Chinese, English”, you may choose to be taught in either Chinese or English, which should be confirmed while you make the application; if the instruction language is “English”, you may choose to be taught in English only.
2. Application at NEU website
The NEU online application portal is http://studyinneu.neu.edu.cn 
Please follow the website to apply after registration.
If you don’t have passport, please fill in “applying” at the “Passport No. Field”, the fill in “2099-12-31” at “Passport Expiration Date”, and upload one of your photos at “The Photocopy of Passport (Pages with photo)”.
If you have not graduated, please get an “expected to graduate certificate” , and upload it at the “The previous stage of graduation certificate” section.
3. Application at CSC website
You MUST Apply at both NEU and CSC website!
The English online application portal is http://www.campuschina.org/ 
Please follow the CSC website to do the online application, and sending us 2 sets of necessary support hard copy documents.
If the major cannot be chosen at the online system, please choose one of the related major, and while you printed out the hard copy, correct it by hand.
You must choose Program Category Type B.
The agency number of our university is 10145.
You may send them by post or submit to the office. 
The postal address:
International Students Office, Northeastern University
No. 3-11 Wenhua Road, Heping District, Shenyang, China 110819 
Visiting address:
The address for visit is Main Building #1120 (11th floor), Northeastern University, Nanhu Campus. 
If you submit to the office directly, please come to the office on the business day from March 10 to March 31, 2018.
Please READ THE WEBSITE"S instruction thoroughly to avoid invalid application.
Supporting Documentation Attached Should Include:
1. Two application forms generated from NEU website and two application forms generated from CSC websites
2. Two Letters Recommendation issued and signed by two different persons. Every letter should be in duplication: one original, one photocopy.
3. Two copies of Transcripts of Most Advanced Studies (Original or Notarized Photocopy)
4. Two copies of Diploma of the Most Advanced Studies (Notarized Photocopy)
5. Two photocopies of Foreigner Physical Examination Form
6. Study Plan in China
7. Examples of Art for Fine Arts; Music Audio for Music Major
8. HSK-5 or HSK-6 Certificate if you apply to study in Chinese without one year elementary Chinese study.
    If you apply to study in Chinese without HSK-5 or HSK-6, we will offer you one year elementary Chinese language training, which is usually at our Qinhuangdao Campus, rather than the main campus in Shenyang. You DON’T need to apply for Chinese language training on the system.
9. English Language Certificate if you apply to study in English, but you are neither  native English speaker, nor a citizen in a country which official language includes English.
If you send them by post, you MUST send the hard copy in March to avoid the office off during winter vocation.
If we receive the post package with the tracking info shown that you send the document before Mar 31, it is valid application.
If we receive the post package with the tracking info shown that you send the document after Mar 31, it should be invalid.
The email lxsh@mail.neu.edu.cn will be replied any time even in the winter vacation.
We don"t accept any telephone enquiries. If you want to track the mail, please enquire the postal company, we won’t reply the email to verify if we received the hard copy or not.
Please click the link to read FAQ Please read it first. If you could not find the answer to the questions, please send us an email to lxsh@mail.neu.edu.cn for enquiring. Please note that all the questions can find the answer in these documents won’t be replied.


CSC Scholarship Application Guide for Master, Northeastern University 2018