Colorful May Day Holiday: Nussipzhanov Yertay from Khazakstan has been interviewed by CCTV News.


NEU PhD Candidate Nussipzhanov Yertay from Khazakstan has been interviewed by China Central Television (CCTV News) on May 1, 2017.

Yertay has introduced many Chinese TV series to Khazakstan. Khazakstani singer Dimash Kudaibergen has also been introduced to China by him for the TV show Singer 2017 at Hunan TV. Dimash became famous in China by this show.

NEU PhD Candidate Nussipzhanov Yertay and Khazakstani singer Dimash Kudaibergen 

NEU PhD Candidate Nussipzhanov Yertay and Mr. Hong Tao, Director of TV show Singer