Q: How to rent an apartment? How to apply for visa alteration and go through procedures of entry and exit?

A: Before dealing with these formalities, foreign students must come to our office for relevant forms and certificates. Take these documents to the public security authority. The specific procedure will be guided by our office staff.

Q: Can we go to study in the library or Chinese student classrooms?

A: With student ID, students can go to university library. Student classrooms are open for all students. As long as the classrooms are not for any class, foreign students can study there.

Q: Can foreign students work during their study period?

A: The Chinese government regulates that foreign students are not allowed to work during their study period. However, temporary work or internship is allowed inside the university.

Q: Can foreign students rent an apartment outside the university?

A: Yes. Before moving in the apartment, foreign students must come to our office to get relevant application form and registration form. Within 24 hours after they move in their apartments, foreign students and the apartment owner must go to local public security bureau together for registration.

Q: Does your university provide scholarship for foreign students?

A: Our university sets up scholarship for foreign students and also helps them apply for Chinese Government Scholarship and Liaoning Provincial Government Scholarship.

Q: Is it convenient for foreign students to use internet?

A: The foreign students' apartments are equipped with campus network and broadband. It is very convenient to use internet.