Affiliated with the Ministry of Education, Northeastern University is the only national key university in Shenyang, the birthplace of Qing Dynasty. In the vigorous university, students from all over the world gather together in the School of International Exchange to study.

School of International Exchange of Northeastern University is responsible for foreign student recruitment (including undergraduate students, master students and doctoral students), management, education and research of Chinese language. School of International Exchange has recruited foreign students since 1950s. There are over 40 faculty and administrative staff members. Over 4,000 students from more than 50 countries have been educated in our university for their degrees and cultural study. In recent years, with continuously enlarge number of foreign students and promotion of education level and quality, more and more foreign students have been recruited by our university. The proportion of degree students has also dramatically increased.

Through dozens of years' development, School of International Exchange has accumulated rich experience in teaching content, method and management. It boasts a strong team of full time and part time faculty. It offers long and short term Chinese language classes meeting the demands of different levels of students (beginning, middle and high level). The School enrolls students from both Spring and Fall semesters. The School has many advantages for its high level teaching quality, such as small size classes, diversified language courses (e.g. Chinese intensive reading, listening, grammar, writing, reading, conversation, visual and audio classes, news Chinese, news listening and reading, economic and trade Chinese, science and technology Chinese, etc.), abundant Chinese cultural courses (e.g. survey of China, Chinese folk art, Taijiquan, martial art, etc.), colorful cultural experiencing activities (e.g. visiting Chinese families, museums, social investigation, travel, etc.), independent teaching buildings, 3 well-equipped dormitories, and strong cultural atmosphere in the surrounding areas. In 2007, School set up a Sino-South Korea Cultural Exchange Center with Kyungnam University. Since the establishment of degree program of Chinese language in 2010, the School has started to enroll foreign students in this program in 2011. The School has very high passing rate of HSK 6-8 exams and won several awards in Chinese speech contests organized by Liaoning Province and the country.

Cultivating excellent Chinese talents and promoting the cultural exchanges between China and other countries all over the world is the goal of School of International Exchange. It is believed that the study and life in Northeastern University always leaves a beautiful memory to all foreign students and helps them achieve a better and brighter career in the future.