Northeastern University offers Chinese language teaching programs specifically for international students, emphasizing on teaching students the practical application skills of the language. We adhere to the succinctly talk and numerous training principle. There are 15 people in each class. Our school provides a good learning environment and strong teaching faculty. Besides a group of Chinese language teachers, we also engage some outstanding teachers from Chinese Major and journalism in NEU as part-time foreign language teaching teachers. Our teaching practice and extracurricular activities have achieved excellent results and won the praise of oversea students, and attracted many students to our school.

Long-term Class

The enrollments of long-term Class are twice every year, separately in March and September. There are three grades in Chinese language program, including preliminary, middle grade and high grade. Students will be divided into different classes in accordance with both the application and the results of interview.

Required Courses:

Preliminary program: intensive reading, grammar, listening, oral Chinese, reading and writing Chinese character

Middle and High grade program: intensive reading, grammar, listening, oral Chinese, writing, reading

Elective Courses:

The elective courses are offered according to the electing circumstances of students, including taijiquan, handwriting, Chinese culture, a survey of China, audio-visual instruction and speaking, etc.

There are classes from Monday to Friday, and 22-24 periods a week.

In addition, HSK Guidance is offered. Students can attend the class optionally and freely.

Short-term Class

Short-term class is usually conducted during winter or summer vacation and begins from the third week of January or July. The duration is about 2-6 weeks. The exact time of beginning and the teaching content will be arranged according to the demands of applicants. If the number of applicants is less than 10, short-term class will not be conducted. If a group intends to study in NEU, the details of short-term class can be discussed.