1.Tuition (RMB Yuan/Year)

CategoryTuition(RMB    Yuan/Year)Start Time
Undergraduate Programs 16000~20000 September
Master’s Programs 20000~25000
Doctoral Programs 25000~30000
Chinese Language Programs 14000/year  7500/semester March, September

Application Fee:500RMB


Double room: 25 RMB per person per day with public bathroom, public kitchen, public refrigerator, television, broadband network (charged), water heater.

Double room: 30 RMB per person per day with bathroom, telephone, television, broadband network (charged), refrigerator, kitchen, water heater, air conditioning.

In addition, students can live outside campus. In Shenyang City, the rent of two-bedroom is about 1500-3000 RMB.

3.Board Fees

The expenses on food are about 800-1500 RMB per month. (It depends on the students' personal consumption ability.)