1. Use of the Key

The key of the room which is the certificate of residence should be kept carefully. After checking out and return of the key, the deposit of accommodation will be refunded. Once losing the key, students must tell the assistant to take appropriate measures.

For your security, please lock the door before you go to sleep in the evening.

2. Use of the Appliance in Dormitory

TV: the channels have been adjusted well; please do not adjust by yourselves. Use the remote when you change channels.

Air conditioner: Use the remote to turn on/off the air conditioner.

Gas: Keep an eye on it while using and turn it off when you finish.

Water: Save water. Do not throw big things which may cause sewer blockages in the sink.

Electrical and other facilities in dormitories for students are public property and should be carefully used.

3. Some Important Telephone Numbers

  • 1) Police/PSB: 110
  • 2) Fire Brigade: 119
  • 3) Ambulance: 120
  • (The numbers above are for emergency. Please do not dial as you please, or you will be hold accountable)
  • 4) Police Station of NEU: 83687777
  • 5) Hospital of NEU: 83687333
  • 6) 6th Dormitory: 83687280
  • 7) 3 th Dormitory of International Students: 83678662
  • 8) Dormitory in School of International Exchange: 83671415
  • 9) Foreign Students Section: 83687293/23892157

Students use 200 Telephone Card in their own rooms. They can buy these cards themselves.
Instruction of using 200 Telephone Card:

  • A: Scratch the card and you will find the number. Pick up the phone, dial 200, dial the number on the card+#, password+# and dial the number you want to call.
  • B: This kind of card is used within Liaoning Province, but you can call cities in other provinces: 200 + card number + # + password + # + code of the city + telephone number.

4. See the Doctors

Steps: Students choose the hospital according to their conditions and their willing. First, register in Registry and pay registration fees. Secondly, go to the section according to the state of the illness (e.g. Surgical Department, Internal Medicine, and ask the doctors at the information desk or the registry). If the doctors require you to take related medical examination, you should first pay for the examination at the gathering office with the application prescribed by the doctors. Thirdly, take the examination with the receipt and bring the results to the doctor. On the basis of the results, the doctor will prescribe some treatment such as some medicine to you. Then, pay for it and get the medicine.

Hospitals near NEU: Hospital of NEU, Hospital of China Medical University,


  • Hospital of NEU: 200 meters west to the west gate of NEU
  • Shengjing Hospital of China Medical University: No. 244, 225, Huanlu, at the Zhanlanguan Station
  • General Hospital of Shenyang Military Region: Huanlu at the Lujunzongyuan Station

Some common medicine is available in the drugstores.

5. Shopping


  • Carrefour (Wenhua): go to the east from the northern gate of NEU, under the Wenhua flyover junction
  • Wal-mart: Bus: Huanlu at Nanyimalu Station; No. 225 at Taiyuanjie Station.

Shopping center in Shenyang:

  • 1) Zhongjie: Bus: Huanlu at Zhonglou Station; No. 117 at Shangyecheng Station
  • 2) Taiyuanjie: Bus: Huanlu at Taiyuanjie Station; No. 225 at Taiyuanjie Station
  • 3) Zhanlanguan: Opposite to Carrefour (Wenhua)
  • 4) Wuaijie: Bus: No. 117 at Wuaishichang Station; No. 225 at Wuaijie Station

Electronic products: Sanhaojie: Get out of the eastern gate of NEU

6. Traffic

The traffic in Shenyang is very crowded, to which you should give your attention. Walk along the right side of the road. Pay attention to the traffic lights: you must stop when the red light on and you can go when it switches to green.

The traffic around NEU is convenient. You can take buses or taxies for transportation.

1) Departure from the south gate

  • No. 244 (termination)――main stations along the way: NEU, 方型广场Fangxingguangchang (Square Square), 青年宫Qingniangong (Youth Club), 三好街Sanhaojie (Sanhao Street), 展览馆Zhanlanguan (Exhibition Hall), 青年公园Qingniangongyuan (Youth Park, the Northern Book Store), 市府广场Shifuguangchang (The Government Square), 惠工广场Huigongguangchang (Huigong Square), 沈阳北站Shenyangbeizhan (Shenyang Northern Railway Station)

2) Departure from the northern gate

  • Huanlu――main stations along the way: 和平广场Hepingguangchang (Heping Square), 南湖公园Nanhugongyuan (Nanhu Park, nearest to NEU), 三好街Sanhaojie, 展览馆Zhanlanguan, 五爱街Wuaijie (Wuai Street, Clothes), 南塔Nanta (Shoes), 故宫Gugong (the Imperial Palace), 太原街Taiyuanjie, 沈阳站Shenyangzhan (Shenyang Railway Station)
  • No. 117――main stations along the way: 太原南街Taiyuannanjie (South Taiyuan Street), 新华广场Xinhuaguangchang (Xinhua Square), 和平南大街Hepingnandajie (South Heping Street), 南湖公园西门Nanhugongyuanximen (Western Gate of Nanhu Park), 方型广场Fangxingguangchang, 南湖公园Nanhugongyuan, 三好街Sanhaojie, 展览馆Zhanlanguan, 陆军总院Lujunzongyuan, 五爱市场Wuaishichang, 商业城Shangyecheng (Zhongjie)
  • No. 225――main stations along the way: 沈阳站Shenyangzhan, 太原街Taiyuanjie, 南五马路Maluwan, 方型广场Fangxingguangchang, 南湖公园Nanhugongyuan, 三好街Sanhaojie, 展览馆Zhanlanguan, 青年公园Qingniangongyuan, 五爱街Wuaijie

7. Bank

1) Remittance: International remittance should be transacted in Bank of China. Students in need of remittance should first open an account in that bank with their passports.

The nearest Bank of China: Opposite to Shengjing Hospital of China Medical University, on the ground floor of the Northern Book Store.

2) Deposit and Withdrawal

You can deposit or withdraw only after opening an account at any bank with your passports. Most of the banks near NEU are located outside the west gate of NEU, such as China Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China's Postal Bank and the Agricultural Bank of China. You can transact at the service windows of the banks with the card or the bankbook or on the ATM with the card. There are two ATMs on our campus: one is on the ground floor of 2nd students' dormitory; the other is in the hall of He Shili Building.

You can withdraw money from different banks via ATM (e.g. transact on a China Construction Bank's ATM with the card of Bank of China). However, do not do that if it is not emergent, because you will be charged 2 yuan for one transaction and 0.5 yuan for inquiring once.

You must keep the cards or bankbooks carefully and do not lose them. Report the loss of the bankbook or card to the related bank in case of loss. Keep the password in your mind after opening the account. Do not let others know the password, or there might be some loss of property.

8. Post-office

The post-office near NEU is located at north of the supermarket outside the west gate. You can send and get your mail there with your passport. Fill in the waybill (including addressee's name, the address, etc.). Keep well the receipt after mailing for later inquiry at the mailing office. You can get your letters or parcel posts with the requisition.