Application Guide for Online Chinese Language Training Program of International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship, Northeastern University 2021

In order to satisfy the growing demand of the international community for Chinese language teachers and facilitate Chinese language education in other countries, Northeastern University plans to launch the 2021 International Chinese Teacher Scholarship Online Chinese Language Training Program. The program adopts online teaching methods, aiming to provide overseas Chinese learners with opportunities to pursue their study. Eligible international students are welcome to apply for the program. More information is as follows:


  1. One-Academic-Year Online Chinese Language Training Program: admission in September 2021 or March 2022; the study duration is one year.

  2. One-Semester Online Chinese Language Training Program: admission in September 2021 or March 2022; the study duration is one semester.

  3. Specific Online Chinese Language Training Program: between September 2021 and July 2022; the study duration is 4 weeks.


All applicants shall be:

  • Non-Chinese citizens currently not living in Mainland of China;

  • In good physical and mental conditions, and with good academic performance and conduct;

  • Committed to the Chinese language education and related work;

  • Between the ages of 16 and 35 (as of September 1st, 2020). Applicants currently working as Chinese language teachers shall not be over 45;

  • For One-Academic-Year Program, applicants shall have a minimum score of 180 on the HSK test (Level 3). For One-Semester Program and Specific Program, applicants shall provide HSK test report. Chinese language teachers who provide certificates of employment and recommendation letters issued by institutes they work for don’t need to provide HSK test report.


Please refer to the online application website for application information. The application of cooperation programs ends on July 15, 2021.


  1. Photocopy of passport home page;

  2. Photocopy of HSK test report; HSKK test report if you have;

  3. Highest diploma certificate (or pre-graduation certificate);

  4. Chinese language teachers may need to provide certificate of employment and recommendation letter issued by institutes.


Please log on the International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship application website ( and register an account. Fill in the application form online. As for the scholarship category, please select “One-Semester Study Online”, “One-Academic-Year Study Online” or “Four-Week Online Program”. Please also choose the duration of study and host institution, select “东北大学as your First Choice.

Upload all the required documents. Return to check your application status. If you have accomplished the application, please inform the program contact person by email.


If you have any questions during the application, please contact the program contact person.


Contact person



Sino-Korea Program

Jia Xueying


Sino-Japan Program

Sino-Vietnam Program

Hong Xinyan


Sino-Poland Program

Sino-Thailand Program

Wang Enguang


Sino-Belarus Program

Gao Haoxin