Two International Students from Northeastern University has been Awarded the Chinese Government Outstanding International Student Scholarship in the year of 2020


Recently, the Ministry of Education announced the list of winners of the Chinese Government Outstanding International Student Scholarship in the year of 2020, and 575 foreign students around the world have won awards. Two international students recommended by our university – Mr. Al-Dhabi Yunes Mohammed Saleh from Yemen, and Miss Kubica Aleksandra Justyna from Poland, had won the award for their outstanding performance.


Yunes is a 2019 master's degree student majoring in software engineering. After Yunes came to study in China, he loved China and treated people sincerely. Software engineering is one of the specialty majors in our university, and the competition is very fierce. As the monitor of the 2019 master's class of his major, he has strong scientific research ability, actively participates in college and school activities, is helpful and has outstanding performance. During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, Yunes took the initiative to assist the university in various tasks such as data statistics, material distribution, psychological counseling.


Aleksandra is a 2019 master's degree in Business Administration. Business Administration is one of the majors with a long history of recruiting international students in our university. Aleksandra studies hard, has excellent grades, and actively participates in the activities. She is willing to help others, and also actively participates in cultural and sports activities inside and outside the university, and has achieved many excellent results, including the championship in the Lady's group of Longyuan Cup, 2018 Lake Cycling Race in Harqin Zuoyi Mongol Autonomous County.


It is reported that the Chinese Government Outstanding International Student Scholarship is a scholarship program established by the Ministry of Education to cultivate more international talents who know China and be friendly to China. The award is selected once a year. The Ministry of Education organizes experts to review the recommended students’ academic performance, scientific research ability and performance in China. Due to the large number of applicants, strict review requirements, and limited quotas, they are considered to be one of the international students’ highest honors by the Chinese government.


The awards of the above two students set an example for other international students of our school, and also reflected the significant improvement in the quality of education of our school's foreign students in China. Northeastern University will take this opportunity to further improve the quality of the training of international students in China, and strive to cultivate more high-level international talents who know China and friends in China.